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MacNichol Guitars and Mandolins

"Rick Spreitzer, Americana Singer/Songwriter, is among the many who have discovered the unique sound and benefits of playing a carbon fiber guitar. Rick plays two CA Guitars models, a GX Performer (now known as 8M-CE) and a Cargo."

Desi Fisher's Roots & Country
"I have now my own 2 hour show on MCR106.5 called "Desi Fisher's Roots & Country" (this show goes out in the NorthWest area of N. Ireland, every Sunday afternoon 4-6)), and I have revisited "Dirt Tracks" on the show and have been playing the following tracks "December's Song again", "Porter wagoner" (especially popular when i played it around Porter's untimely death), "Molly ann" & "Follow the water home". I gave the album away in a compo and have had a great email from the winner saying how much she loved the Cd and that the show was making her listen to music she'd never even knew existed!!"

Charlotte Music Awards
Finalist for Best of Americana Artist / Album / Song  - From the Bottom - “Serpent & Henry Gray” and Winner of Best Artist Web Site.

Troops Compilation CD
"From the Bottom" selected for inclusion on the next compilation CD going to our Troops overseas.

Davidson News & Notes
Thursday, Feb. 15, 8 to 11 p.m. - Rick Spreitzer and Mike Strauss perform at Summit Coffee. "Mr. Spreitzer plays ragged, bluesy, alt-country songs with an emphasis on emotional lyrical content that never sounds like a posture. Recommended for fans of Neil Young or Bob Dylan."

Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange
"This CD is full of such music. Spreitzer is a musician/songwriter that some may need a few listens to appreciate, but when they do it is well worth it. Motel Prayer and No Idea have that lost feel to them, a sense of fatigue oozing from the speakers and overtaking you slowly until you're almost depressed without really knowing why. The major/minor chords of Ghosts of Natchez give it an eerie feel and it is helped along by a female chorus of ghostly but harmonious demeanor. And Falling Down—the title pretty much says it all.

If you want my opinion, this isn't the best thing Spreitzer will ever do and that's not a slam. It's just that as good as this is, and it's damn good, Spreitzer has a hell of a future ahead. The guy writes, he sings, he plays. He's got the goods. I'm already looking forward to his next album." ~Frank Gutch Jr.  Read the Full Review here
Uptown Magazine
"From the Bottom confirms that Spreitzer is one of the region's most gifted songwriters. His songs have the homespun comfort of Steve Earle's best work, and he couches them with female harmonies and intricate acoustic picking." ~Michael D. Evans/High Timberline Media
Freight Train Boogie
4 Stars: "The opening chords of this CD told me that I was on to something good, something very good. Track one, “roll back”, has a cool bluegrass pulse that features some excellent fiddle and banjo, and the momentum builds from there. Yes, there’s a definite bluegrass influence happening here, it’s bluegrass a la Steve Earle, who Spreitzer incidentally not only has a passing vocal resemblance to, but at times could be mistaken for lyrically. Not having heard either of his first two releases, Dirt Tracks and Meanderthal, (gotta like that title), it’s difficult to assess his performing evolution, but stuff like this doesn’t happen merely by chance, you can count on that. With the stellar assistance of a retinue of some of North Carolina’s finer musicians, Spreitzer has produced a disc that can more than hold its own alongside some of the best that the Americana genre has to offer. He has garnered a whole raft of songwriting awards over the past few years, and the first listen to this gem affirms the perceptiveness of those judges. Individual track credits are not provided for his several female backing vocalists, which is a shame, because I could perhaps be persuaded to fall in love with more than just the music herein." ~Don Grant
Wild West Radio
"Thanks for the Cd by Rick Spreitzer. What can I say? This type of great Down-home American Roots music is what Wild West Radio is all about. The first song on the Cd (Roll Back) is a grabber. It was just played on the station. If I can find the time, I'm thinking about featuring the entire Cd this Sunday evening. I'll work other songs from the Cd into rotation once I get to listen to it in its entirety.

Thanks again for getting a hold of me and sending the Cd. I'd sure like to see Rick and David Childers make their way out to the left coast." ~Jeff Scammon

Real Roots Café
"A delicious, predominating semi-acoustic, CD where the emphasis lies primary at deliciously stimulating work...Captivating, heating and very expressive."
~Rein van den Berg   Click for full Dutch review with loose English translation.
Alt.Country Cooking
"Your package with Rick Spreitzer's CD "From The Bottom" arrived safely here, thank you so much! Wow, it's definitely a great one, I like Rick's voice and the lyrics are excellent, he knows how to show that little arthouse movie in every song." ~Johanna
Taproot Radio
"Rick Spreitzer is first and foremost a lyricist; a songwriter who tosses off one-liners with such casual ease that you don't realize their emotional punch until he's well into the next verse. My favorite example is from the title track of his latest CD, From The Bottom, in which the end of a 12 year relationship is summed up with, "how do you take back the holes in the wall?" Spreitzer's songwriting talent's are gaining recognition, having won the 7th Annual North Carolina Songwriter’s Co-Op Songwriter’s Contest and twice placing in the top 10 at the Flat Rock Music Festival’s Hank Williams Songwriting Contest. The music is well crafted to keep the lyrics front and center. About half of the songs twangy base to them and the other half have an acoustic coffeehouse folk feel to them. Highlight tracks are "Roll Back", "Serpent and Henry Gray," and "From the Bottom."
~Calvin Powers
Americana Homeplace
"From The Bottom is the third release from Rick Spreitzer. The North Carolina-based artist is an accomplished song-writer having won first place in the 7th Annual North Carolina Songwriter's Co-Op Contest. From the Bottom is laid-back Americana infused with folk, bluegrass and country influences. Spreitzer's earthy and organic music feels like a comfortable old sweater. This is down-home folk music from an exceptionally talented songwriter." ~ Kevin Stroud
The Muse's Muse
"Sometimes I come across a CD from an independent writer that is better than most. It’s thoughtful, well presented and well written. The truth of the writing rings through every song and I’m drawn into the stories and music from start to finish. Rick Spreitzer’s 3rd CD, from the bottom, is such a CD. With a voice reminding me of John Prine and Waylon Jennings, Spreitzer manages to entertain me all the way through." ~ Jane Eamon

Album of the Month - July, 2006.
Roots Highway
"...excellent craftsman of songs." ~ Fabio Cerbone
.... Click for the full Italian review and loose English translation
"A real treat...fantastic artist...Van Morrison type arrangement...I absolutely love this song [No Idea]".. ~ Tom Fahey

Charlotte Magazine
"Singer/guitarist Spreitzer has won a variety of songwriting awards, and it's easy to hear why. From the Bottom is filled with lyrical tunes and texts. His best songs use evocative language to create enigmatic characters: the "tired railroad man with the liquor tooth" in "Falling Down", the old man who "casts off his witches" in "Ghosts of Natchez", the rambler who "can smell the law coming on" in "No Idea."

Spreitzer's music comes out of the Piedmont tradition, a blend of old-time folk ballads, church-born harmonizing, and singer/songwriters like James Taylor. In addition to showcasing Spreitzer's warm, kind voice, the twelve songs on this CD are a vehicle for some great playing and singing by local musicians. Especially fine are Mike Orlando's mandolin and Charlotte Symphony violinist Jane Hart Brendle's fiddle.

From the Bottom is a gentle album - perhaps too gentle. One can't help but wish for a stab of Dylanesque irony or unexpected humor to pierce the persistent earnestness. But there's a lot to be said for beauty, and Spreitzer's album has that to spare. Available at ~ Meg Whalen

KMSU Radio (Listen to Your Folks)
Hi Rick, Just listened to a review of your new cd on the Americana Roots Podcast. Loved the sound. I host a folk/Americana show on KMSU radio here in Minnesota. Wondering if you might be willing to send along a copy or two of your new one. It would certainly get some airplay. ~ Dave Engen

"The fog and the trees on the cover give a good pictures about the kind of music Spreitzer makes. If the instruments get very quiet the fog seems to dissapear and the two most beautiful songs on the album appear. Back to Blue and the perfect piano ballad No Idea show that Spreitzer can rise above himself and has the same talent as Cleaves, Picott..." ~Patrick Donders

Click for full Dutch review with loose English translation.
WSGE 91.7FM/Gaston Alive
"Rick Spreitzer has been tending to his songwriting garden quite intensely, releasing three full-length albums in five years. Throughout these five years, of recording and playing to live audiences, Rick's songwriting style is evolving." ~Ben Dungan/

Americana Roots
[Rick] puts forth an intimate sound that captures his wonderful ability with words."
4 Bottle Caps ~ Ray Randall's Podcast review of From the Bottom.  To listen, click the download link to grab a copy of the show.

Download Podcast [mp3]

Americana UK

"They don’t make records like this anymore"
- Americana UK

"I’ll tell you what you don’t get with Rick Spreitzer, you don’t get anything that doesn’t serve the song, you don’t get things that haven’t been thought through, you don’t get words that you’d be embarrassed reading as prose or poetry. What you do get is a tightly knit, carefully constructed set of songs, each one built with care, like dolls houses that are perfect replicas of the real thing, everything is done with attention to detail, situations and feelings are recreated, everything is anchored, everything covered with realism, so songs like ‘Back to Blue’ are flawlessly realised, each note placed with care, each element works perfectly on its own, the guitars gently support the vocals, the dots of organ adding punctuation, the vocals placing the words exactly in place, the chorus patiently placed, painstaking in the care lavished. Each song follows a similar template, the title tracks adds some noisier guitar and keyboards and some bluesy (yet restrained) female backing vocals but it is the same sensibility at work. Listening closely to this is like watching your Grandfather clean down the paintbrushes properly after use, and you think, "I’m not spending my life doing that!" And when you next come to use one of your brushes and it is stiff with dried paint, you realise that he was right, there’s a quick way to do things and a right way. The problem with modern life is that we feel we have no time to do things right and we want instant gratification, why should we invest the same amount of time to enjoying this record as it took to record. It’s not a question that I can answer because it is one of those records that I admire more than like, I can see the beauty in the detail but I get bogged down waiting for something that is going to grab me, shake me up and leave me slightly, almost imperceptibly, changed. The slow graceful piano chords of ‘No Idea’ should have me thinking of mist covered grass, the chords breaking through to my melancholy side, but I think of the skip button. I too am a victim of this modern malaise and am almost ashamed that I lack the patience to appreciate work like this more." ~ David Cowling
WSGE 91.7 #1 Album - Week of Feb. 27 - Mar. 5, 2006
The Wrecking Ball/WCOM 103.5FM
"I think it's the best of what I received in the mail this week." ~ Jayson

"Spotlight Album" -
1 track off  "From the Bottom"  played weekly during March.

Two recent, gracious reviews of "From the Bottom":

Rootstime - "The stories Spreitzer tells in these songs are wonderfully put to word and performed with a lot of feeling. On this CD too, his strength is his versatility rooted in all good things American. These days this is barely comforting, but it does produce songs that get their juice from Country, Americana and Rock, and from flirts and love-sessions: a quartet that we could describe as 'typically our Rick' (raspy voice, great hooks, grown-up lyrics, a high recognition factor, songs that immediately get lodged in your brains and stay there)"
for full Dutch review with loose English translation.


Alt Country NL - "Rick Spreitzer is a modest artist, but definitely measures up to the majority of American singer-songwriters that usually populate Dutch stages."
(Peer Bataille)
for full Dutch review with English translation
Featured Artist
- Ultimate Band List.  Every week, the UBL editorial team picks the best and brightest artists on the UBL and showcases them here.

Rainbow Smoke Network
"Your new album ' from the bottom ' is 1st-class in every respect I was very impressed and will be airing on my shows for sure ."  ~ Eddie Russell - Outlaw For Peace /

• 1st Place - 7th Annual North Carolina Songwriters Co-Op Contest
Charlotte, NC-based singer-songwriter Rick Spreitzer wins 1st Place in North Carolina Songwriters Co-Op Songwriting Contest.

The 7th Annual NCSC Songwriting Contest held in Carrboro Arts Center on November 6th, 2004, featured eight finalists. Artists were judged on quality of composition, quality of performance and quality of musicianship.

Winner Rick Spreitzer, a Charlotte, NC based singer-songwriter who writes songs that he describes as “tip jar americana,” folk music steeped in common tones that dodge the lyrical middle ground, entered and performed two songs from his latest release "Dirt Tracks" -- "Invisible Wind"and "Porter Wagoner."

• 3rd Place Winner for the 2004 Flat Rock Music Festival Hank Williams Songwriting Contest.
• "Americana music is very difficult to define, but Rick's new CD comes very close to being a defining work. It combines the best of country, folk & folk rock with a little bit of blue grass thrown in for good measure along with wonderfully crafted lyrics and great players.Rick is a wonderful singer song writer- his songs are simply structured and beautifully constructed. He is a poet in the sense that Bob Dylan is a poet. To be specific: Roll Back and 1,2,3 are such wonderfully happy tunes- I can't imagine anyone not feeling better for having heard them. No Idea and Ghosts of Natchez are beautifully poignant- reminding me of his earlier Panhandler Stomp- probably my all time favorite Rick Spreitzer tune. Back to Blue is a love song with a twist- love that keeps on trying- while Motel Prayer is beautifully erotic. From the Bottom and The Serpent & Henry Gray evoke dark & mysterious moods and are great songs in their own right. Another wonderful thing about this CD, particularly for the Charlotte music scene, is the number of great players in the background- many (or perhaps all) of whom are local musicians. The vocalists on Roll Back and Ghosts of Natchez and the mandolin in Motel Prayer come immediately to mind but every track benefits. I once heard Rick say that songs are like children- you struggle through their birthing and then spank them and send them out into the world- well Rick can be rightfully proud of these babies- I hope the world treats them well. Everytime I listen I find a new favorite song!"
~ Charlie V - WSGE 91.7FM

• "Rick Spreitzer - "Dirt Tracks" - Absolutely timeless! Spreitzer has mastered one of my favorite sounds in the world. Good ole' western flavored folk tunes, focused on telling a story in a thoughtful, quaint, easy to understand fashion. "Dirt Tracks", as a project, is a very listener friendly and damn close to perfection for it's genre....or is there a genre? Rick could walk off a Woodstock stage, right on to the Grand Ole Opry Stage..and then go open for the Jam Rock band of the annum. Nice well-rounded sound and very interesting mixes and diversity from song to song. Rick is also an extremely talented and heartfelt singer which made listening all the better. LOVE IT!" ~Annette Warner - CoffeehouseTour.Com
• "Fans of the Charlotte music scene as well as fans of coffeehouse music would do well to check out Dirt Tracks. And if there’s an arty little coffee house in your neighborhood, Rick will probably be playing there soon. Go see him live—it’s worth it." ~ Jake Cansado - Left off the Dial
• "Thanks for sending dirt tricks, its become one of my favourite albums." ~ Rob Ellen - Medicine Show (Health And Happiness Hour) Web Cast
• "thank you very much for sending me "Dirt Tracks". I really enjoyed it!!!!! My favorite tracks are 3,4,7,12,........followed by 2,5,6,8......excellent.. nice greetings to Eddie Russell.....Eddie never was wrong.....thanx again." All Best Whishes, ~ Gerd Stassen - "Hillbilly Rockhouse" - Radio "EMS-VECHTE-WELLE", Germany
• "With dozens of vocalizing songwriters in every decent-sized city, it's too easy to lose the most promising ones in the shuffle. Here's a heads up: be on the lookout for Charlotte's Rick Spreitzer... Dirt Tracks, the second release from Spreitzer, offers a parade of interesting characters telling their own stories-- or, at least, a story--in their own distinctive voices. Most are looking for a break (the Vietnam vet of "Panhandler's Stomp," featuring supporting vocals from David Childers) or holding onto a memory for dear life (the 40-year-old anecdote that drives the excellent "Porter Wagoner"), and they seem to lean on the kind of wisdom that comes from traveling the backroads suggested by the album's title. Spreitzer's joined by an impressive collection of Charlotte-area musicians, but by design the mostly acoustic backing never moves beyond jaunty. And that's fine because the folks who inhabit Spreitzer's songs bring their own emotion and electricity." ~ Rick Cornell - The Music Monitor/No Depression/Independent Weekly
"The Miller Tells Her Tale," an online bi-weekly radio program broadcasting around the world, chose "December's Song Again" as one of the top tracks of 2004.
Creative Loafing - The Best of Charlotte's Original Music Scene - In response to an article on the 21 best bands in the Southeast, the music staff of the Creative Loafing Magazine Group picked what they consider to be the "best of" in various genres in Charlotte.  Rick was chosen as one of  Charlotte's best singer/songwriters. 
• ".....Music with generous grit & unsupervised emotional release... a good workhorse with energetic gait that makes the picture come alive......" ~ Eddie Russell - Outlaw For Peace /Rainbow Smoke Network
• "..Spreitzer's songs are above average. Like - for example - Chris Knight, he is capable of writing engaging four minute stories in a song. Usually - in his own words - "about what's broken, lost or hungered for." - Peer Bataille
• "CAN'T MISS CD/LP PICKS" ~ WMPG Greater Portland Community Radio
• "Thank you very much for sending me your more than beautiful release. I've enjoyed listening to your great music and songs and I will give your disc regular airplay in our radio show "Roots Revival",  because you are damn good." ~ Raymond and Theo - Roots Revival Radio
• "Featuring a wealth of artists hailing from his hometown of Charlotte, NC, Spreitzer has produced an album displaying a more-than-competent musicianship and lyrics as evocative as 8mm home movies. The music covers similar ground to Ryan Adamsí Heartbreaker and Spreitzerís voice has a similar moody-brooding romanticism to that of Mark Eitzel." ~ DJ - AmericanaUK
• "I like Rick's way of making music a lot !!! It's just a great record !! I will play almost every song in my show, because they all are strong and beautiful enough to be played !"
~ Ray Pieters - "Somewhere Between" - Golden Flash Radio

The tales which Rick Spreitzer in its songs are told under words have been brought splendidly and with much feeling brought. ~ Rootstime - Click for full Dutch review w/loose English translation.
• "Spreitzer and friend, Trip Rogers, both played acoustic guitar: Rick played rhythm, Trip played lead. Sadly, it was a short set - under 40 minutes. I would have liked to hear more. They played songs from the album (including my personal favorite, “Drinking By Myself”), as well as several new tunes (“Good Medicine“ sticks out in my mind). The live setting lent a certain honesty and warmth to the music.... Trip’s guitar playing was amazing. Rogers actually stepped up to play one of his own songs towards the end, giving Spreitzer the chance to break out the harmonica. If you have the opportunity to see Rick Spreitzer play live, do it." ~ Jason Erb - Left Off The Dial
• "Listening to Rick Spreitzer's new release Meanderthal I sensed a man who has done some traveling - traveling that is, within the bounds of the human experience. Every track is filled with a vignette of life's twists and turns, even the subtle begs for a closer look and listen. Rick's characters aren't afraid to show their weaknesses nor that they're often not really who they seem to be - and therein lies the lyrical strength.

Rick has surrounded himself with some very fine musicians in Mike Strauss, Jill Lurie, Steven Carpenter and Aaron Brindle. They do a fine job on Rick's "canvass" adding just the right "colors" at just the right time. I can hear it playing in many of the taverns, roadhouses and pubs of old - and new.

Meanderthal is an album for anyone who has tried to climb the mountain and failed; and haven't we all? That's the point, Rick connects with our own experiences. We all think we're a "Nice Guy," that we deserve "Doreen" and that there's a good reason to be "Drinking By Myself.'"
~ Randy Walker - The Americana Connection - WSGE 91.7 FM, Dallas, NC

• "From the toe tapping melodies of Be Sweet and Doreen to the soulful rhythms of The Difference, Rick Spreitzer puts his heart and soul into his songs. I find myself listening to his CD when I am in that twilight part of the day of inner musings....singing along and nodding in agreement." ~ Karen Alexander - Charlotte Folk Society

"Thanks for inviting us, we had a great time and the music was outstanding."

"Fabulous, Fabulous!"

"Such a wonderful time, thank you, Rufus and Cyndi for bringing us this great music!"

"It was fabulous, thanks for hosting. Wonderful musicians, loved the jamming."

"Mornin Cindi and the infamous Rufus of Bethlehem, You two have raised the bar on house concert standards to a level unreached heretofore.... Congrats for hosting a more than fabulous evening of fine food, great company, and entertainment par excellence!!!! The boys put out some magnificent music...made us all come down w/a severe case of "Happy Feet" syndrome (the uncontrolable urge to move giddily about, gyrate crazily, dance and the like)!!! Thanks for inviting us and exposing us to such fun !! DOes it get better than this? I THINK NOT!!! Thanks again.... have a great day,
much love, V + P"
~ Hillside House Concert Comments

"I've had many people tell me how much they enjoyed fact, I think you are the CAL favorite." ~Bobbie/Charlotte Art League
"Rick has been a staple in the Summit scene since the beginning. His songs are well-crafted and memorable, and he makes Summit sound like home." ~ Summit Coffee
"man, just keep doing what you're doing. Molly Ann, Drinking By Myself and Sitting In are among my favorite songs. I just love what you do." ~ Rob Calcutta
• "In a world of gimmicks, that guy seems to have none." ~ Chris Castle
"Have been listening to Rick's 3 albums, plus his EP, and I am struck with just how obscene it is to take in all of a man's heart- and gut-wrenching hard work in the span of only a few days' time. There is so much to digest, yet it becomes a part of me instantly. Here's a man who's not afraid to kick over stones and identify what's slithering beneath. Rick's songs move me." ~ JL Braswell
• "Rick, While visiting my son at Davidson College a couple weekends back, he wanted me to drop in at the Summit Coffee Shop to hear you and Mike play. I was blown away by your vulnerableness in writing; your voice; your presentation of material.

I visited briefly with you after the first set mentioning that I would buy a CD if you had one...happily you did, and I bought From the Bottom.

I play it day in, day out! Love it; love what you write about; love how you write. Your other 2 CD's are on my Christmas list!

My next visit to Charlotte/Davidson will definitely include an evening listening to you perform.

All I can say is keep it up. You are truly an unrecognized, awesome force. I will continue to share your music around here in the Pacific Northwest.

My best to you,
~Cindy Duncan

"Rick is just another great singer/songwriter in the Roots style of Americana music being recorded these days...5 Stars, Rick!!!"
~Joseph Wokas (at

• "In the tradition of Steve Goodman, Ian Tyson, Neil Young, even Hank Sr., but intensely personal and original. One of Charlotte's hidden treasures."
~Billy Rollings (at

"Brilliant tune and amazing lyrics, Rick. As the water off a tin roof makes it's way, driven back to sea, we just can't help ourselves - every time...back to blue."
JL Braswell (at
• "I hope I’m never stranded on a remote island. If, somehow, I manage to find myself in that predicament, I want at least ten good songs to listen to, until the time I’m rescued from the island. In making the ten-song list, I’m not surprised to find that Rick Spreitzer wrote five of the songs!! The list would include “Porter Wagoner”, “Follow the Water Home”, “Ghosts of Natchez”, and maybe a couple he hasn’t yet recorded."
~ J.D.Wilson

"Rick Spreitzer is a beautiful guy; gentle but strong, and clear sighted about the human condition. He writes about regular people in a way that reaches all of us, if we take the time to listen. This is quiet stuff, gentle stuff, but like the man himself it is tough at the core."
~ David Childers

• "I try to write a little, and in my younger days I could listen to Bob Dylan and know that I could never hope to be really good at it. Lately some local folks, Michael Reno Harrell and David Childers have shown me how much I lack in storytelling ability. Now here comes Rick Spreitzer to prove I don't have a prayer in hell. Thanks Rick." ~ Bill Stroupe, Blue Strings Music
"Rick Spreitzer is a good friend and a great songwriter. I've been floored by his stuff from day one, which now goes back years. Rick's got a great way, a strong style and real focus. He knows the details. He can see in the dark. He's also a fantastic harmonica player who knows how to play for the song. I'm thrilled to be playing on his amazing new record and I'm so happy that he joined me on mine."
~ Mike Strauss

• "I'm so happy to see the Charlotte songwriter scene come together like it has. Finally people are noticing. It's writers like Rick Spreitzer who are causing this awakening. He's got the real stuff.

Meanderthal by Rick Spreitzer is a CD you listen to kicked back in your favorite easy chair with the lights down....maybe through headphones, so you won't miss a word.

Most young songwriters don't dig nearly deep enough to find the real song. Rick Spreitzer is a digging machine."
~ Michael Reno Harrell

"Rick Spreitzer writes songs because he has to. He is not trying to write hits for other people; but for himself. This keeps his references, his imagery, his stories fresh; even when the landscapes and characters are familiar. Keep the beers cold and the guitar somewhere near tuned. This is drinking and misery with a grin; a "hey, ya'll watch dis" attitude." ~ David Childers
• "'s so damned exhilarating to hear a new (to me) local songwriter with his own unique perspective on the elements of life that are truly worth writing songs about. Don't ever turn back. You have the ability to touch people." ~ Billy Rollings - Down Home Video
"He's got the words, the music, and the heart." ~ Jim Sunnkmanitu Sapa Olo'wann (Sings with the Black Wolf)
• "Rick is a visual artist disguised as a performing artist. Listening to his songs is like watching a movie. The way he phrases lyrics with such texture will have you hearing something new with each listen. A very talented, unique and captivating singer/songwriter/performer. " ~ Christy Snow
"i do so love to support burgeoning artists ... especially those of the caliber of Rick Spreitzer ... one of the most talented of his lot -- gives me hope for the future." ~ Lindsay Planer/AMG All Music Guide
• "Rick Spreitzer is the real thing. A pure, raw poet for those of us who don't get poetry. Rick's songs offer well- earned wisdom that gets you laughing just to set you up for the next line's punch in the face." ~ Tom Eure, Jr
"Rick Spreitzer has a quirky perspective on things. He's a great performer, and his songs run the gamutfrom sheer fun to introspective musings. Rick is a local talent to keep an ear on... " ~ Lea Kuhlmann - The Evening Muse/The Near Misses
• "Rick paints great pictures in his songs. He does not hold anything back in his songs, tells it like it is and how he feels about it!" ~ Doak Turner - The Nashville Muse
• "Always humorous, but sometimes with a bit of an edge and most likely with a different point of view, Rick helps you to see the world as you otherwise could not have seen it. A casual listen leaves you believing he is a comedian but listen closer and you realize he is a poet, maybe even a philosopher! Most of all Rick is entertaining. Don't miss a chance to hear him." ~ Greg Baker - Second Wind Music Productions
• "Meanderthal serves up 14 honest, soulful tunes. A skillful blend of the uniquely funny and the thought-provoking, dark and haunting. Well crafted, performed and produced. Perfect beer drinking music."
~ Steve Simpson

• "Rick Spreitzer has quietly made some noise with the release of his new CD, 'Meanderthal.' From the family room to the bar room, Rick leads us through some damn good stories, with a sense of humor on the side." ~ Dave Holtzclaw
• "Rick has gathered a great group of local musicians for this record so the music rounds out the material making this a fine first effort from an up and coming local songwriter. I am listening to “meanderthal” as I’m writing this and it gets better every time I hear it and I’m not drinking by myself." ~ Bill Stroupe - Blue Strings Music